Yarden/Yarden : En berättelse om prekaritetens verklighetsuppfattning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för kultur och lärande


By using contemorary work-theory this thesis aim to show how Yarden. En berättelse, puts into play the circumstances of precarian work, circumstances that have gender political as well as identity political overtones. It tries to show how the idea of ”class-jouney” is used as a conciliatory element. An element that, acitvitated increasingly towards the end of the text, is significant for the selfs posisiton in relationship to his class identity and the workers collective around him as well as other spheres. It is also significant in relationship to the work which is the writing, and to the product of that work, which is both Yarden and the litterary persona produced by Yarden. This is something that I try to trace to a conflict between class belonging and other identitory political projects that Yarden expresses. The reality which is produced by the text is not only a staging of a litterary persona and the following class-journey. In my thesis I try to show that it is also possible to read it in it self as something that gives us valuable insights on how reality is produced under the circumstances of precarity. Insights that in turn can show us both how the supression of labour is organised in contemporary late-capitalism, and what expressions resistance in turn might take. 

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