Stenhuggaren på Korpåsberget : vilken bild förmedlas av stenhuggarens liv och arbete på Korpåsberget?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan på Gotland/Avdelningen för Historia


My essay aims to explore, "What image is conveyed by the stone mason's life and work on Korpåsberget". In my essay I have been working with respondent interviews to examine the purpose. I've been trying to get interviewees to talk freely, but have also had a number of indicative questions for support. 

In order to process and understand the interviews, I also have a part in the essay aiming to provide background information to the stone industry in Bohuslän, an area along the westcoast in Sweden, and foremost in the area of Bovallstrand.

The text discusses the stone industry's development in the area, its development and the time until the stone industry at large was closed. As for the stone industry in Bovallstrand I have chosen to focus on the largest quarry in society, namely the Korpåsberget. The background text also briefly covers stonecutter’s lives and work. As a methodological viewpoint, I used literature on qualitative interviews. 

Then I will discuss a report on the content of each interview. I at the end of the work, I then go through interview responses and analyze them in relation to my questions and purpose. Based on the essay, other questions were raised which I have also responded to. The interviews have shown that the interviewees' attitude, commitment or lack of such, and their relationship to their father affects the interviews.

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