"Kulturell nedrustning" En studie av forskningsbibliotekens hållning till Bibliotekshögskolan i Borås 1969-1978

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: In 1972 a national higher education for librarians was started. Up until then different categories of librarians got their education separately. The aim of this Master's thesis is to explore the attitude towards this new education for librarians. The study will concentrate on the attitude of the representatives from the research libraries. Research libraries had, until 1972, recruted their librarians amongst Ph.D-level scholars. The new education in contrast only required two years of academic studies. Therefore the main objective of this study is to discover which threats and possibilities the research librarians thought the new education would bring. By using the professionalisation theories of Inga Hellberg and the concept system of Pierre Bourdieu the study explores the actions and attitudes of the research librarians. Hellberg have defined different strategies that a profession, or a group that aspires to be a profession, use. These strategies involves both the surrounding world, other professions and the members of the specific profession. Bourdieu on the other hand doesn?t concentrate on professions but uses the concept of field. Within the field different agents act according to their position. The result of the study is that the research librarians indeed saw many threats with the education, mostly because of the low academic status of the education and the implication that would have on the libraries. However, they also experienced an advantage in the higher amount of educated personel they could get since the start of the new education. This was however overshadowed by the feeling that the public libraries got a greater focus in the outlay of the new librarian education programme. Despite the, for the most part, negative attitude towards the new education, the representatives of the research libraries showed a will to participate in making the new education better and more to their liking.

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