Och då kommer jag osökt in på det här med alkohol En pilotstudie om hur distriktssköterskor använder AUDIT

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Sammanfattning: Background: The district nurses profession has traditionally been health promotion. In order to find patients with excessive alcohol intake, district nurses use AUDIT. Research shows that health professionals find it difficult to face alcohol abusers in primary care. AIM: The aim is to describe how district nurses work with AUDIT. Method: Semi-structured interviews with six informants were carried out. The interviews were analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Results: We found seven sub-categories. The categories were: Use AUDIT, AUDIT and other controls, to not use AUDIT, when heavy drinking was identified AUDIT a help to clarify heavy drinking, a blunt tool and economic control. Conclusion: The district nurses were commissioned by the unit manager to use AUDIT because it was financially advantageous for the unit. The majority of respondents regarded AUDIT as a natural part of their health and lifestyle inquiries. In order to create a good relationship with the patients, the district nurse tried to behave securely and avoided being too intrusive. The respondents did not use brief intervention. However, they did follow-up through shorter dialogue or referral to the GP. The district nurses were generally positive about using the AUDIT. They argued that AUDIT clarified risk of excessive consumption.

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