Multifaceted Architecture and the Public space

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Malmö universitet/Fakulteten för kultur och samhälle (KS)

Sammanfattning: Focusing on human interaction with the dense built environment in a city, this essay exploresthe experienced space, i.e. the physical built space and the perceived space as one dimension.From this perspective, the essay considers the visual information that the built environmentprojects. The essay proposes a theorem for understanding and categorizing architecture basedon its potential diversity of activities that the building encapsulates. The ability to interpretand challenge the perceived understanding of the built environment supplies the basis for thekey concept of this essay: multi-faceted architecture.In this essay, multi-faceted architecture is a motto for architectural design and planning, andderives from the fact that the very meaning of a function for a given piece of architecture issomething that needs to be addressed further by the architect, designer or other buildingexperts. As our modern cities expand at an ever-increasingly higher speed, the need for publicspace with a multi-faceted architecture is needed more than before. Firstly, the essay definesthe concept of multi-faceted architecture and its constituents. Secondly, the essay supplies aframework for analysing Multifaceted architecture and a way of categorizing it. This essayaims at opening a deeper dialogue on architectural quality based upon theory from currentarchitectural theorists and architectural theory. The essay uses a sociological perspective tounderstand why appropriate architecture, in the context of the surrounding environment, canlead to a more successful activation of a given space. To test the theorem that concernsmulti-faceted architecture, the theorem is applied and tested in the old city of Malmö. Due tothe COVID-19 virus outbreak, these tests have been executed virtually. Thirdly, this essayreflects upon the role of multi-faceted architecture in a modern city.

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