Svenska kyrkans episkopé : En stuide om Svenska kyrkans episkopala ecklesiologi

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Systematisk teologi med livsåskådningsforskning

Sammanfattning: This study examines how the Church of Sweden's episcopal expression has changed over the past 40 years. The purpose of the study has been to see the change and understand the consequences it may have given the church. What emerges from the study is that there has been a change in the episcopal expression and with the help of the essay's method, it can be said to be an expression in a change that can be explained as from an egalitarian episcopal order to a decentralized episcopal order. The expression of the change could be said to culminate with the recent crisis in the diocese of Härnösand and the causes of the crisis can be said to be linked to the proven change egalitarian-decentralized episcopate.

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