Sexmissbruk eller diagnosmissbruk? En diskursanalys av begreppet sexmissbruk

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Malmö högskola/Hälsa och samhälle

Sammanfattning: Sexmissbruk eller diagnosmissbruk? – En diskursanalys av begreppet sexmissbruk Jakobsson, R. Key words: diagnoses, hypersexuality, medicalization, nymphomania, sexual addiction, sexual behavior, sexual compulsivity, sexual deviation, shame, social construction. Background: Sexual addiction has been given a dominant discoursive power in Sweden which (re)inforces the idea that sexuality is essentially a dangerous and lethal force. Methods: The thesis consists of two sub studies. Firstly, a critical discourse analysis is conducted over scientifical articles of sexual addiction and sexual compulsivity. Secondly, a critical discourse analysis of the concept of sexual addiction in newspapers in Sweden’s largest newspaper, DN, and an evening paper, Aftonbladet. These two sub studies are reflected towards each other to examine the construction and discourses surrounding sexual addiction. Results: The first sub study shows that sexual addiction is a term and concept that lacks empirical data. However, research still speculates that a sex addict can be someone who compulsively consumes any sexual behaviors that deviates from marital sex. The second sub study shows that sexual addiction is a vague concept that could be applied to most people in society; it may include people who masturbate, are unfaithfull, are rapists, perform incest, consume pornography, have difficulties with intimacy and/or have multiple sexual partners. Conclusion: Sexual addiction is a moral concept, which pathologizes people who deviate from erotic normalcy. The media articles presented a vague image of a sex addict that includes a series of sexual behaviors, ranging from masturbation to sex offending. Although research has been conducted for over 30 years, there is no empirical data about what constitutes sexual addiction and what the potential consequences for the individual and society are. In sum, both science and popular discourses presents a potential addiction to diagnoses. Suggested Citation: "Jakobsson. R. (2013): Sexmissbruk eller Diagnosmissbruk? – En Diskursanalys av Begreppet Sexmissbruk. Master Thesis at Malmo University, Sexology.”

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