Jord- och skogsbruksfastigheter : vad är accepterat avstånd vid fastighetsreglering?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/School for Forest Management

Sammanfattning: With reallotment already existing property units can be changed. Reallotment is mainly used to improve property division in Sweden. The purpose of this study is to enlighten what the accepted distance is between farm and forestland lots within the same property when the estate is undergoing reallotment. To answer the purpose of this study cadastral dossiers from reallotments done in five counties were studied. The result of this study shows that the accepted distance is depending on land use of the added lot. A longer distance was accepted when forestland was added compared with farmland. There was no proven statistical link between area on the added lot and distance to the origin estate. There were differences regarding the longest accepted distance. The longest distance occurred in Jämtland County and was 54,0 kilometers while the longest distance in Örebro County was 12,0 kilometers. The measured distance to the added lot for 90 percent of the reallotments in this study was 9,9 kilometers or shorter. The occurring differences shown in this study indicate that the law can be interpreted differently by the cadastral surveyors in Sweden.

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