Rätt innehåll, rätt process och rätt affekt: en systematisk litteraturstudie om anknytningsbaserad familjeterapi

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

Sammanfattning: This study was a literature review with the aim of examining the empirical evidence for attachment-based family therapy as a treatment for adeolescents with depression and suicidal ideation regarding both treatment efficacy as well as suggested change-driving processes. Nine articles were assessed for their scientific quility. Regarding the evidence for treatment efficacy older articles were found to be lacking in scientific quality and only one recent article was found to provide strong support for the treatment. The need for more randomized, controlled trials where the treatment could be compared to other evidence-based treatments was discussed. Regarding the evidence for change-driving processes the articles supported a link between the quality of the therapeutic alliance and both parental attitude towards the adolescent as well as the adolescent’s ability to process primary emotions. The relational reframe was found to be an intervention of central importance. However, a direct link between treatment processes and reduced symtoms of depression in the adoloescent could not be established. The need for research further examining for which populations and through which processes the treatment is effective was suggested. The need for studies carried out by scientists other than the developers of the treatment was also suggested.

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