Att mäta medarbetarnöjdhet : Ett förbättringsprojekt på KitchenTime

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: More than ever, organizational development and results are affected by employee well-being and motivation. To be an attractive workplace from a staff perspective, it is vital that the organization is aware of how employees actually experience the workplace. By measuring employee satisfaction, the organization is given the opportunity to improve its position as an attractive workplace. The organization in this study has a future goal and that is to become one of Sweden’s most valued workplaces, therefore they need to develop a strategy for how employee satisfaction is measured and evaluated. The purpose of this study is to develop a standardized approach for the organization to measure and monitor it’s employee satisfaction. The study presents an implementation proposal in which the organization in an educational and step-by-step approach can begin the work of measuring employee satisfaction. In addition to the handy steps that the organization can follow, the benefits of a successful implementation project are also presented. The organization's challenges are mapped out and include a strategy to overcome these challenges.

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