Debatten kring utrikesfödda och kulturell mångfald - En diskursanalys av framställningen i svenska kväll- och dagstidningsartiklar

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Department: Institution for social work & social science, Lund’s University Authors: Eric Klingborg & Faris Mulaahmetović Title: ”The debate surrounding immigrants and cultural diversity- A discourse analysis of the portrayal in Swedish evening- and morning newspaper articles” The aim of this study has been to reach a deeper understanding about the construction and portrayal of immigrants and the diversity concept in daily Swedish newspaper articles during the time period of 2010. More specifically the study aims to highlight witch part of the debate that has the dominant position and what type of social implications this might lead to. The empirical base consists of forty newspaper articles collected from four major daily morning- and evening newspapers. The method chosen to analyze our newspaper articles with has been Laclau & Mouffe’s discourse theory; this has also been used as a theoretical framework within the study. Furthermore we have connected our findings to post-colonial theory. These theories are all inspired by social constructivism. Our main finding shows three discourses competing for hegemony in the debate. The first discourse we found represents the advocators for cultural diverse. The second discourse can be characterized by thoughts concerning integration. This discourse stress the importance of adapting to the existing cultural norm found in our society. The last discourse is based upon extreme rightwing rhetoric and propaganda. The promoters within this category believe that immigrants are “the root of all evil” and believe the solution to the problem is either to adapt or get exiled. We propose that the conclusion that can be drawn is that the portrayal of immigrants in the Swedish media indirectly leads to practical social implications for afore mentioned group. Implications include segregation and marginalization in the labor- and residential market as well as in other contexts.

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