Ropen hörs skalla, samverka alla : En kvalitativ studie om samverkan mellan myndigheter utifrån projektet "Unga vuxna"

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Högskolan i Kalmar/Humanvetenskapliga institutionen; Högskolan i Kalmar/Humanvetenskapliga institutionen

Författare: Malin Ramberg; Frida Larsson; [2009]

Nyckelord: Samverkan;


On the basis of theoretical knowledge about the complex of problems which can occur in an implementation of a collaboration project, the purpose of this essay is, to examine how representatives on each authority relate to and manage collaboration as a work method, the awareness of problems within the organisations that collaborate, and the preparedness around how to manage problems with collaboration. "Unga vuxna" is a collaboration project between Kalmar county council and all 12 municipalities in the county council. More specifically it is a cooperation project between psychiatry and social services. Theories used in this essay are professor Berth Danermarks studies about collaboration, and social psychologist Jay Hall’s theory about capability. We have also studied earlier research about collaboration, done by lecturer Rebecka Stenberg, Professor Chris Huxham, senior lecturer Siv Vangen and doctor of philosophy Stefan Wiklund.

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