Isländska barnmorskors upplevelser av postpartumvård i hemmet.

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Sammanfattning: Background: The midwife should support and encourage women to make decisions about their and their families health. Becoming a parent can be a major change and support is required to feel safe. Hospitalisation after birth has becoming shorter over the years. Breastfeeding of children are to a lesser extent and parents report dissatisfaction with postpartum care. In Iceland, postpartum care is carried out at home and studies have shown that women were satisfied with that type of care. There is a need for research on the midwife's experience of postpartum care at home. Aim: The aim of the study was to describe the Icelandic midwife's experiences of postpartum care at home. Method: The midwives were recruited via a Facebook group for Icelandic midwives that work with postpartum care in the home, as well as a snowball sampling. Six Icelandic midwives were interviewed via Internet, one interviewed through a real meeting. The interviews were then analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Result: Three main categories were found: Create a safe care postpartum; Promoting the healthy; Personal relationship with midwife and midwives responsibility. Postpartum care at home was perceived by midwives as a continuous care where the family felt safe in their home environment. Complications could be detected earlier and reintroductions were less experienced. An intimate relationship can be created between the midwife and the woman, which can increase safety. Discussion: The result showed that the midwives experience home visits as a good care model. Postpartum care at home is a person-centered care that makes the whole family involved in the care.

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