Sverigedemokraternas idébildning utifrån frihet, jämlikhet och gemenskap : En kvalitativ idéanalys av Sverigedemokraternas valmanifest för 2022

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Dalarna/Statsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: The Sweden Democrats describe themselves as a social conservative party with a nationalistic view, others consider the Swedish democrats as a populistic party. Research on the Sweden Democrats describes the party as a nationalistic, populistic, and conservative party, but very little research has been conducted on the party’s ideological connection to the social democratic ideology or the social conservative ideology. The aim of this essay is therefor to examine if the Sweden Democrats’ politics is rooted in the social democratic ideology or in the social conservative ideology and if so to which extent. This is done through a qualitative idea analysis. The analysis is based on the Sweden democrats’ 2022 election manifesto on the basis of the ideologies social conservatism and social democracy. The analysis is based on the analysis of the Sweden Democrats’ standpoints on freedom, equality, and community in both the state and the civil society. Subsequently the analysis is made based on the analysis schemas for both social conservatism and social democracy to see if the Sweden Democrats’ politics can be connected to any of these ideologies. The result of the analysis shows that the Sweden Democrats 2022 election manifesto is largely rooted in the social conservative ideology, but there are parts of the election manifesto that fall into the social democratic ideology. The conclusions that can be made based on the result shows that more social conservative incentives can be found in the party’s election manifesto rather than social democratic incentives, even though some social democratic elements occur they are a lot less prevalent than the social conservative ideology. 

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