Skolsköterskors förebyggande arbete med elever i åldrarna 10- 15 år som deltar i fastan under Ramadan.

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Sammanfattning: Background: More and more children and adolescents in Sweden participate in Ramadan,one of Islam’s biggest yearly celebrations. In Sweden pupils are bound to school participationbut they also have religious freedom by law. According to research, fasting can have anegative effect on pupils’ health and school performance. It´s been noted that one of the mostimportant protective factors for mental health is to pass the school with approved grades.School nurses, together with pupil health teams, has an important role in promoting andpreserving both mental and physical health of the school’s pupils.Aim: The aim of the study was to describe the school nurses’ experiences of preventingpupils’ illness who participate in the intermittent fasting during Ramadan, ages 10-15 years.Method: The study has a qualitative design with semi-structured interviews and a manifestcontent analysis.Result: The result consists of two categories and seven sub-categories. The first category washealth in school with two subcategories, to manage their trust as a school nurse and to meetvariations in pupils’ health reaction. The second category was conversation as a tool, withthree subcategories to talk with the pupils’, to talk with their guardians and to collaboratewith other staff. The third category was preparation for Ramadan, with two subcategories, toplan and prepare and to have supporting structures.Conclusion: The school nurses preventative work for pupils’ before and during Ramadanshowed variations. They lacked support and guidelines in the work, both at the organizationallevel, in student health and in the individual work of the school nurse. Through teaching,conversation, and collaboration all school nurses tried to make the context of the fastingpupils’ understandable, manageable and meaningful both in school and at home.Keywords: Intermittent fasting, Preventing illness, Ramadan, School nurses.

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