Åt skogen med pedagogiken - en C-uppsats om friluftspedagogik som metod för att motverka normbrytande beteende

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Every year about 1400 students in Sweden leave elementary school without grades high enough to begin high school. It is a fact that the risk of ending up with psychosocial problems increases without a high school education. The intention with this paper is to study how a special method called EDUQ can help troubled youths to get back to school and stay out of trouble. To collect the data to this paper I have interviewed three different persons. Two of them are pedagogues and they have created the method that I looked into. The third person I interviewed is the one who decided to use the method in the project I have looked in to. By using outdoor pedagogy, in the way they do in EDUQ, it is possible to show the youths other perspectives. In another environment than the classroom the youths can see and understand other ways of living and thinking. When using the nature the youths can feel stronger and manage to handle new things and learn to use their own qualities in a new way. The possibility to increase the youths Sense of Coherence is bigger when using outdoor pedagogy.

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