Ungdomars tankar kring framtiden

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Sammanfattning: Conclusion:Our aim in this study is to explore students dreams for the future in two differentsocioeconomic areas. We want to find out if the vision of these young people are different, orif there are similarities in their dreams for the future. We also find out if young people'scurrent situation affects their thoughts for the future. We interviewed 14 students in secondaryschool from the two different areas, seven schoolchildren from each school. We also want toexplore whether teachers in these schools meet their students' expectations about the future,and if they are positive or negative attitudes towards them. We interviewed four teachers, twofrom each school. We concluded that different growing conditions and circumstances canaffect young people's views on its future. Since the school is a social arena where youngpeople spend much of their time, it is important that we as educators make school a safe placefor students and meet them at their own level and according to their own growing conditionsand circumstances.     

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