Fibulas vikingaby på Åland - En undersökning om hur man kan förbättra, utveckla och tillföra nya idéer till en nutida vikingaby

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Arkeologi

Sammanfattning: In this essay I try to look into how to bring a new concept to an already established Viking village and how to develop the existing one. This essay also sheds light on some negative sides that a Viking village can experience in their activity. I have interviewed responsible persons at three different Viking villages: Foteviken Museum and Viking Reserve, Fornföreningen Fibulas Viking village and VikingaTider. I have also examined different kinds of literature dealing with my chosen Viking villages. I came to the conclusion that I should have chosen an other Viking village than VikingaTider because a lot of VikingaTiders activity hasn´t really started yet. On the other hand it has been interesting to see how they are trying to start the activity and which their plans are. I could have chosen an other already established Viking village to get a more varied material. There are a lot of things that Fibula can do to improve, develop and bring new aspects to their concept. I have found both advantages and disadvantages with the different Viking villages activity and strategi. Different questions about authenticity has shown to be the most difficult problem. I believe Viking villages do fulfil an important function, a mediate function that todays experience searching public wants.

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