Den flabbande judiska hotjazzen. En undersökning av tidningen Den svenske nationalsocialistens musik och attityd till musik, åren 1933 - 1939

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Författare: Eric Sjöqvist; [2023-08-23]

Nyckelord: Music; Swedish national socialism; jazz; NSAP; nazi-music;

Sammanfattning: The national socialist ideology is obsessed with race and culture. Several studies both international and from Sweden has showed a constant obsession with music and musical purity. This study aims to complement the research done internationally on the NSDAP:s relation to music, and the Swedish studies that looked at the Swedish nazi-movement during the interwar years (1933 – 1939) as a whole or the German-Swedish culture- and music exchange during this time. This paper examined the National socialist newspaper Den svenske nationalsocialisten, distributed by the Swedish national socialist party NSAP. The questions asked were: How does the newspaper Den svenske nationalsocialisten discuss music and musical culture between the years 1933-1939? What kind of music does Den svenske nationalsocialisten publish? And how is their enemy constructed in the music? The research shows that Den svenske nationalsocialisten follow their German counterpart in believing that music is the most pure form of art. They believe that music, and therefore musical culture, is intrinsically tied to the race and nationality of the musician. As the previous research showed they have an ideological hatred and distain for modern dance music such as jazz and swing music. Believing it to be an imported degenerate form of sexually explicit african- american art that destroy the youth and their morality, produced by the jews to destroy the culture. Their music is obsessed with kamp/kampen (the fight, the battle, the struggle), life is lived for the struggle, in alignment with the previous research. Their music is also keen on portraying the beauty of the Swedish nature, in accordance with their published views on the music of the Nordic people’s racial predilections. The enemy is the insidious jew who is international, controlling the banks, the democratic state and poisoning the youth and people of Sweden, stealing their money and degenerating the Swedish culture. The jew is crook-nosed and sometimes androgynous, unlike the manly Nordics of old. The enemy is also the liberal democratic system and world order, along with socialdemokraterna (the social democrat party). The results are also in line with previous research regarding NSAP:s attitudes towards refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and other immigrants.

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