Energikampen - En mobil applikation för förändring av beteende med avseende på energiförbrukning

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Sammanfattning: This bachelor thesis shows how a mobile application can be designed to have the potential to induce its users to change their energy consumption and how the application can be designed to induce the users to return to the application. The project was carried out on behalf of- and in cooperation with Öresundskraft AB. The goal of the project was to create an application that would be used by the customers of Öresundskraft AB. The application was developed in JavaScript to prepare for a future integration with the already existing app Kraft-o-meter, an application for the customers of Öresundskraft AB where every customer has their own login. During this thesis a hybrid mobile application was created for the platforms iOS and Android with the working title "Energikampen". In the application a user can challenge another user with whomever can reduce their average energy consumption the most during one week. The users' consumption for each day is fetched daily with Energimolnet API and is compared with an average of the users' past consumption. The difference is presented in the application as a percentage value. The users' consumption data is fetched by code hosted at Parse.com's service Cloud Code. The database for the application is also hosted by Parse.com The thesis shows how gamification can be used in a mobile application to create content that has the potential to engage users to change their behaviour regarding energy consumption. The thesis also shows how push notifications can be integrated to potentially make users return to the application.

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