Planeringsinstrument för aktiv tillgänglighet: En jämförelse av Place Syntax Tool och MOVE Meter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: To develop sustainable and accessible cities there is a need to integrate mobility and land use planning. A focus is furthermore required on active accessibility; to be able to reach activities and services by a combination of walking, cycling, connection to public transport and land use. Over the past decade several different planning instruments have been developed that aim to analyze accessibility. Accessibility instruments that are grounded in research can serve as support for planners to cooperate through institutional barriers and gain knowledge. It is necessary that the instruments are not only theoretically and technically advanced but also practically useful. This study compares two planning instruments, Place Syntax Tool (PST) and MOVE Meter (MM), regarding their usefulness in planning for active accessibility. PST is an instrument that is currently used in planning and analyzes urban spaces based on space syntax theory in combination with land use. MM is an instrument that is being developed for Gothenburg and analyzes mainly mobility, based on a traffic model.The results show that PST has a wide range of uses and that it is fruitful for analyzing active accessibility in several aspects. However, the instrument is technically and theoretically advanced and the user need to be acquainted with its functions. MM is online based, has fewer analysis settings and can be used by a broad target group and facilitate communication. However, the instrument has a narrower field of use as its accessibility analysis currently only analyzes car traffic. The study can thus confirm what many previous studies have claimed regarding the contradiction between more theoretically sound instruments and more user-friendly instruments. To develop planning instruments in collaboration with planners will therefore be beneficial for future planning instruments. The study concludes that in terms of usefulness in planning for active accessibility, PST is more useful than MM.

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