Sociologistudenters Yrkesmedvetenhet och Spelregler

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Sociologi

Sammanfattning: The faculty of Social Science in Lund lacks career activities that guide their students on questions concerning work-related issues. This thesis investigates how sociology students in Lund are affected by the absence of career-guidance. The empirical ground work is based on five interviews with three sociology students, the study adviser from the Sociological institution and the labor-market co-ordinator from the student union of Social Science in Lund. The students are young, have little work experience and at the end of an education whose priorities lie solely on academic qualification. Results show that the sociology students’ affective and cognitive vocational awareness is constrained due to the lack of instrumental information on labour market prospects for sociologists. Aaron Antonovskys work concerning the relationship between health and internal “sense of coherence” has been very vital to this thesis. His work and perspectives on the basic components that pander health and sense of coherence has led me to conclude that the lack of career guidance on the faculty of Social Science in Lund has a negative effect on the interviewees' personal goals and forthcoming interest in sociology. Moreover, Pierre Bourdieus’ field theory on habitus and the “social game” has also been a virtue for this thesis in order to locate the potential reasons for the lack of vocational awareness among the participating sociology students.

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