Barn på museum : En multimodal analys av Naturhistoriska riksmuseets och Nordiska museets riktning mot barn

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Konstvetenskapliga institutionen


This bachelor thesis consists of an analysis of museum environment. In the research, case studies have been done at the, Stockholm based museums, Swedish museum of Natural history’s exhibition Natur i Sverige (Nature in Sweden) and the Nordiska museet’s (Nordic history) exhibition Modemakt (Power of fashion) and learning environment Lekstugan (playhouse). The purpose of the research was to study how cultural heritage is used and developed within the museum pedagogy aimed at children. The research is based on a multimodal approach with focus on learning resources.

The research examines the museums focus on children and youngsters, what the goals for this focus looks like on respective museum and how the focus is visible in the actual museums. The investigation has shown that both of the museums have a clear focus towards children and young people and follows the guidelines from the Swedish government.

This thesis shows the differences between both museums in their separate ways of focus on children and youngsters. The different possibilities on focus on children and young can provide inspiration for either other museums or the specific museums in the thesis when developing or expanding their focus further. Both museums way to communicate with children and young people considered to have good potential for learning.

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