Den som syns och hörs existerar : Betydelsen av strategisk information och kommunikation för organisationers överlevnad under kris

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Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to contribute a deeper understanding of which significance strategic information and communication, through social media as a communication channel, has for the survival of organizations' during a crisis such as the Covid-19-pandemic. This has been done through a case study where two organizations in the catering industry have participated. This industry has been particularly exposed to politically imposed restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic in Sweden and the politically imposed restrictions have hindered catering organizations from managing their business as usual to the extent that they have had to close their operations.  The data collection method used in the study was qualitative interviews with representatives from each organization. To deepen and expand the empirical knowledge, a qualitative survey was conducted targeting the organizations' customers and stakeholders. The results showed that there is a discrepancy between what information the organizations think that they are communicating and how their customers and stakeholders perceive it. There’s also a discrepancy between the statements of the organizations and the stakeholders' experience regarding the amount of communicated information in social media. Furthermore, the study showed that strategic information and communication have had a certain significance regarding the survival of the organizations' as they have been able to inform their stakeholders about ongoing and upcoming activities through social media. However, the results showed that there are other incentives that might have had a strong influence on the organizations' survival during the crisis as well.  

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