Privat-offentlig samverkan: en väg till utveckling av en långsiktig strategi för Sveriges försörjningsberedskap?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Riskhantering (CI)

Sammanfattning: During recent history, Sweden has experienced several resource-intensive crises. For example, the Västmanland wildfire in 2014 and latest the Covid-19 pandemic. During these crises, those who were managing the crisis incurred a shortage of supplies. To ensure that such a lack of resources does not arise in the future, it is beneficial for Sweden to evaluate and develop a new strategy to ensure security of supply during a disruption. The purpose of the thesis is to clarify the prerequisites for public-private partnerships (PPP) and how Sweden’s strategy for security of supply could be adjusted with PPP. By performing a literature study (scoping study) and an interview study, a model of how PPP could be implemented to strengthen Sweden’s future strategy for security of supply was created. Furthermore, the conclusion indicates that the good will of people, economic compensation and production contingency are the strongest incentives for private actors to participate in PPP for security of supply. Along with having a say in the matter when the new strategy is developed.

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