Colombianer på bioduken : Representationen av tre Hollywoodproducerade actionfilmer

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för studier av samhällsutveckling och kultur


The purpose of the thesis was to analyse three action films; Collateral Damage from 2002; Clear and Present Danger from 1994; and Scarface from 1983, in order to see how Colombians are represented in these movies.The action genre comprises of different stereotypes where the hero and the villain are represented in conjunction to each other. The analysis is about the way the films content and form are used to uphold the representation of Colombians, but also the villain and the hero more generally.

Critical Discourse Analysis was used, as main method, and the concepts of denotation and connotation guided the analysis. . The main conclusion is that the three movies reproduced an already established collective stereotype of Latin Americans, stereotype that includes both Colombia and Colombians.

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