Skolungdomars levnadsvanor, psykiska hälsa och känsla av trygghet i Norrtälje kommun 2013-2019 : En kvantitativ undersökning

Detta är en Master-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: Introduction: The overall aim for public health practice is to promote good health and reduce public health inequalities. The determinants of health are largely influential. Through policy directives and local strategies, the unit Safe in Norrtäljemunicipality (TiNk) tackles public health issues through cooperation between the municipality, region, the voluntary sector and the private sector.  Aim: To investigate the changes over time in adolescents life style factors (the use of alcohol, narcotics, performance-enhancing substances, tobacco and problematic gambling (ANDTS)), mental health, feeling of safety and educational attainment. Sub-group analyses will be conducted for sex and school zones with different social challenges (SC).  Method: A quantitative cross-sectional study based on a high school survey from four occasions between years 2013-2019. The survey population consists of all students in grade seven and nine from upper secondary school and second grade in high school, a total of 4,600 students. Descriptive analyses and Pearson Chi2 -test (p<0,05) for comparison of different groups were performed with the help of the statistical program SPSS.  Result: The usage of ANDTS has been reduced among boys in grade nine and fewer students were exposed to threat or sex without consent. Mental health problems have not changed over time, nor the occurrence of different kinds of crimes or high school eligibility. The differences between sex and schools with different SC are marginal.  Conclusion: The trends for ANDTS-usage, mental health, safety and high school eligibility among the adolescents of Norrtälje municipality showed varying results from year 2013 to 2019. However, differences between subgroups were marginal. 

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