Bakom kulisserna : En studie om attityder till sexualitet och värdegrund inom svensk ishockey

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Pedagogiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: At focus in this study are six professional ice hockey players experiences and thoughts on sexual norms in ice hockey and how these are expressed. The aim was to illuminate values and attitudes towards sexuality in Swedish ice hockey – a sport which characterized by a masculine label that affects it in terms of diversity and norms. Qualitative data was gathered by interviews with six professional ice hockeyplayers, women and men between 20-30 years old, which together had a wide background in the organisation of Swedish ice hockey. These informants reflected on their own views of the sport itself and how it has an impact on inclusiveness, norms and tolerance towards different sexualities. The results showed that the informants experienced a clear norm in Swedish ice hockey that incused womens icehockey to be more open to different sexualities rather than mens icehockey. The female informants testified that womens ice hockey players often were associated with stereotypes of being lesbians. The informants experiences also indicated how heterosexuality is normative in mens ice hockey. According to the informants, this norms may have an impact on the tendency of men, in terms of being open with their sexuality. In addition, this study also highlights the players attitudes towards future work with questions concerning values and inclusiveness in Swedish ice hockey. The informants in this study showed oppenness in ways of changing norms, so eventually, in the future, ice hockey players shouldn’t feel excluded in the organisation of ice hockey because of their sexuality.

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