Den hemtrevliga arbetsplatsen : En kvalitativ studie om hur det systematiska arbetsmiljöarbetet kan bedrivas vid hemarbete utifrån ett chefsperspektiv, vilka hälsoeffekter hemarbete kan resultera i och hur det systematiska arbetsmiljöarbetet kan bedrivas

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för organisation och entreprenörskap (OE)

Sammanfattning: The study aims to depict how systematic work environment management can be conducted during remote work. Furthermore, the study aims to present what health effects which can follow due to remote work and how the systematic work environment management can be conducted effectively during remote work. To investigate the aim of the study, an inductive approach has been used in order to achieve a generalizable theory. Moreover, a qualitative research strategy has been applied together with semi structured interviews. The focus of the study is from a managers perspective, whereas all of the respondents in the study have experience of being a manager or support of managers. In addition, all of the respondents in the study have insight in work environment management. The respondents’ answers and reasoning together with internal documents constitutes the collected data of the study. Further, the data was interpreted and presented jointly with the empirical data. To achieve a more complex understanding of the study’s data, research has been done to analyze the empirical data through a theoretical context. The study shows that the employees autonom influence of the choice of remote work benefits psychological health. Moreover, the study presents the importance of a distinct communication strategy and how it contributes to employees' psychosocial well-being. Furthermore, the study illustrates how a list of physical criterias can be undergone before employees process remote work to benefit a manner of prevention and that recurrent routines can be implemented to promote physical work environment during teleworking. Lastly, the study depicts how employees' individual conditions affect the chances to achieve a healthy work environment when working from home.

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