”Ställa vem som helst i disken” : En praktikteoretisk studie av Informationstjänst på Uppsala universitetsbibliotek

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM

Sammanfattning: Introduction: This thesis examines skills and competencies among librarians staffing the service points (reference desks) at Uppsala university library. It analyzes and compares different ways to achieve knowledge and skills, such as education and experience. Focus is placed on a wiki that is used both as a team workspace and as a database containing work practice, instructions and information that is considered useful in information services. Method: Six semi-structured interviews were conducted with librarians. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. Recurring themes in the transcripts that were considered of particular importance were highlighted with codes to simplify analysis. Analysis: A qualitative analysis was made, inspired by practice theory. Some themes in the interviews were confirmed by practice theory, while others were interpreted as contradictive. Some contradictions in the librarian’s narratives could be explained by theory as being common constructions about the nature of knowledge. Results and conclusion: While education in library- and information science may be important in other parts of the profession, the librarians did not find it very relevant when working in information services, which could be considered a particularly practical part of the profession. However, while the theoretical content of the education was considered of low relevance, the experience of being a student was considered more important, as it helps in understanding the needs of the students who seek help at the reference desk. The wiki was found to be an appreciated tool, but arguments are made that it can’t replace the importance of having practical experience, and that it can’t record so called ”tacit knowledge”. This is a two years master’s thesis in Library and Information Science.

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