Hur ser Staffanstorps ungdomar på sin privatekonomi?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Summary: The purpose of school essay is to investigate the outlook of Staffanstorp´s youth in private finances. Our target groups are all 9 graders who attend at the three different municipal schools in Staffanstorp´s nine-year compulsory school. In our empirical study have we used both qualitative and quantitative strategies for the reason that they complement one another and seize the subject field more legibly. In our quantitative strategy have we used surveys there 275 nine graders in Staffanstorp has been answering questions among others, how they experience weather they have a grip on their money. In our qualitative strategy have we carried a group interview with 7 youth. We have also carried 2 personal interviews with a youth of each gender. In addition to this we interviewed 7 employees from 4 different professions. All interviews has had the purpose of a deeper understanding for the youths experiences in private finances, but also to take part in the adults interpretation according the youths management of their own private finances. In our group interviews we added a structural model as we designed ourselves, a tape recorder and an interview guide. Our result report has its inspiration in the processtragic perspective, there formal, informal and intrapersonal factors and relations has had its starting point. Those different parts means Sundsvall are conclusive for the view people chose to adapt on their private finances. Our empirical study shows that our youth who participated in or interviews could relate to the processtragic perspective and identify themselves with the theories fundamental standing point, something which we think has been a great access to our research. Our empirical study allows us also to give a clearer view on those parents who dare to set clearer boundaries.

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