Det nya kulturlivet : - från läxångest till skaparglädje

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Arkitektur


A building for the Kulturskolan Stockholm, The cultural school of Stockholm, with focus on spaces for practising, planning projects, spontaneous activity and meetings. Located just next to the big train station Älvsjö Station in the southern parts of Stockholm. The building bridges gap between the pedestrain road and the Stockholm international Fairs, Stockholmmässan. All in one floor, the building is separated into place for meetings- a foyer, a lerning space with ensemble rooms, a space for sponinuity -  a big space in the central parts of the building encourage students to practise, plan and work with their own projects, before and after classes, a creative space with workshops and a black box, and an administrative part. All the rooms are placed in relation to their individual functions, music next to media, art room next to workshop etc, so the students are encouraged to explore more subjects than the current class, and try to integrare other subjects into their class. Transparency between the rooms is important. A cultural school where the students can be more in charge of classes and projects. The building aims to encourage a new working method for the Kulturskolan Stockholm based on the students ideas and desires.

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