Ett totalitärt paradigmskifte

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Historia

Sammanfattning: This essay explores the paradigm shift in linguistics taking place in the Soviet Union in 1950. Marrism was then the current paradigm which was based on a peculiar interpretation of marxism in lingustics. Unable to explain the new problems of Stalins postwar nationalistic turn it was subject to open discussion in Pravda. Using the theories of Thomas Kuhn the essay deals with the discussion taking place in Pravda, the authors being mostly linguists although Stalin himself participated. The analysis showed that the shift itself was double, a political and unnatural one coming from Stalin, and a natural one from the scientific community. Although Stalin made the ultimate decision regarding the continuing linguistic policy, the scientific community was still able to control some of the development regarding the policies of their research.

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