Att vara på plats : en kvalitativ studie om förskolebibliotek

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: The aim of this essay is to explore the concept of kindergarten libraries that is becoming a more frequent collaboration method between public libraries and preschools in Sweden. Situated between the sphere of public libraries and preschools, the kindergarten library is a bridge between two relationship professions as well as part of both political efforts and investments for providing books to kindergartens. This study investigates this relationship, the librarians’ roles that take form within this work and what kind of literacy that is being promoted to young children. Two qualitative group interviews were conducted with librarians who work as coordinators for the kindergarten libraries in different municipalities. The empirical material was then coded through Maj Klasson’s model of librarian roles. The results show that while the relationship is one of support, and that both professions work with a common interest in what is best for the children, librarians initiate and coordinate the kindergarten libraries but leave the majority of the literacy content to the preschool teachers. In such, the book is highly valued to be the center of the kindergarten library but other literary skills are overlooked.

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