Values in Vogue : nylanserade Vogue Scandinavia : normbrytande eller vinstdrivande?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Journalistik

Sammanfattning: The newly launched Vogue Scandinavia has presented their values which we have defined as “female empowerment” and “sustainability”. This essay explores, through a qualitative content analysis and discourse analysis, how these values are expressed in the first issue and in what ways they correspond with the magazine’s content. The results show that Vogue Scandinavia does in some way promote female empowerment by representing women who talk about politics and being introduced based on their professional role. They also make an effort to advocate gender fluidity and body positivity. They are thus challenging old discourses regarding both gender representation and what constitutes a fashion magazine. The same can be said about sustainability which is presented by taking a green approach to the production and distribution of the magazine, the cherishment of nature, environmental politics and by combining fashion and sustainability. However, these values are somewhat opposed by editorial and non-editorial material which displays tendencies towards, amongst others, ageism and greenwashing. Additionally, 73 percent of the magazine’s pages contain some kind of advertising. This is discussed in terms of political economy, based on ideas regarding native advertising and Dallas W. Smythe’s theory about seeing the audience as products. Furthermore, Vogue Scandinavia are producing their magazine in reference to a specific audience. Based on the theory of commodified feminism, using a rhetoric that is female empowering can be seen as a strategic move for economic gain, which also is discussed further in our essay.

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