Students' support an perception of their confidence in schoolwork during the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya using the response to educational disruption survey (red) 2021.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik

Sammanfattning: Aim: This study aims to examine students' support and confidence in schoolwork during the COVID-19 pandemic in Kenya. In doing so the study contributes to a smaller research gap concerning student support Theory: Bourdieus's theory of social reproduction (cultural and social capital) served as the theoretical foundation for the selection of variables in this study. Method: This is a quantitative research study and used secondary data from Responds to Educational Disruption Survey (REDS)2021, A total of 910 student samples were used to analyse the data. Three aspects were examined:(1) Home-based support, (2) support from teachers, and (3) support from others in relation to the socioeconomic status of students. Results: The result shows that 41.3 % of Kenyan students reported having “no one” available to help at least sometimes in their schoolwork and 58.7 % of students reported that they never had no one available to help. In other words, the majority of students had someone to help them at least sometimes with their schoolwork. Again, the result showed that students from high SES backgrounds received greater home-based support than students from medium and low socioeconomic backgrounds. The study found a significant difference between high, medium, and low in students' SES. The result further indicates that there is a strong association between students from high SES in terms of the support they received and confidence in their schoolwork.

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