Den feministiska klädseln : En kvalitativ studie om femvertising

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Författare: Hanna Pesonen; [2020]

Nyckelord: femvertising; nyliberalism; feminism; kommersiallisering;

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study is to examine if, and in that case how feminism is being used as a marketing tool known as “femvertising” in the two firms; Libresse and Ida Klamborn. These two firms were selected as both are specialised in products for young women and are known for their girl power advertisements. The study looks at how neoliberalism infiltrates all aspects of society, affecting the people in it, and making individuals look at themselves as market entities. Furthermore, firms are seen by the people as symbols for their own values, causing goods and services to be marketed as identities to serve the individual person’s values. This study examines how these identities affect the individual person as well as how social media, marketing and company profiles describe that their own products produces a certain identity. The study examines if the two firms are using feminist expressions, descriptions and statements on their webpages, company profile, as well as their Instagram pages. The study also investigates whether the firms use feminist associations to sell identities and how these identities are being advertised to their customers. The study concludes that the neoliberal society has made an impact on how we look at feminism and how it is being advertised. By studying the two firms different platforms the study concludes that Ida Klamborn and Libresse are using feminist expressions, descriptions and statements in their marketing and company description even though they neither claim to be nor deny being feminist. It is also found that there is a clear connection between neoliberal theory and third wave feminism. It has been made clear that both Libresse and Ida Klamborn try to establish a relationship with their consumers through social media with advertisements containing a feminist agenda. This study also concludes that more information and material is needed in order to give a more conclusive answer, although it gives a brief insight into how femvertising works and how it can be identified.

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