Omsorgsprincipen vid ansökan om internationellt sydd : En studie av det omarbetade asylprocedurdirektivet (2013/32/EU)

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Juridik

Sammanfattning: This paper addresses the principle of care in the recast asylum procedure directive (2013/32/EU). The purpose of the study has been to analyze how the principle of care is expressed in the directive regarding procedures for granting or rejecting asylum, as well as to analyze how the directive was implemented in Sweden. The recast asylum procedure directive aims to harmonize EU’s member states' procedures for granting and withdrawing international protection. Initially, this paper describes how the directive was created and how the principle of care is expressed in the directive and the meaning and content of the principle of care at EU level as well as its content and meaning according to Swedish law. To conclude, the Swedish implementation of the directive’s provisions directly connected to the principle of care will be discussed. The principle of care is one of the principles of good governance. The principles of good governance have been important in EU law to ensure legal protection for individuals when they are in contact with authorities of EU or Member States. In the analysis, what is found is that the principle of care can be divided into several sub-principles or requirements: individuals’ right to get their affairs treated; the obligation of authorities to investigate a request in an impartial manner; fair procedure and handling; authorities’ duty to take individual interests in consideration; authorities’ obligation to act within reasonable time and also other requirements regarding routines and procedure. Since a major part of this paper regards analyzing the relationship between EU law and national Swedish law, a discussion about the Member States’ institutional and procedural autonomy towards EU is also included. A conclusion is that the Swedish implementation of the directive's provisions related to the principle of care was deficient and that the directive itself restricts the Member States’ institutional and procedural autonomy.

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