Erfarenheter av interprofessionell samverkan både inom och mellan vårdnivåer för vuxna personer med diabetes

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Sammanfattning: Background: People with diabetes are cared for in primary care, secondary care and inpatient care. Within these levels of care there are a number of different professions, and in order to work for common goals in the care for people with diabetes, it is necessary with good collaboration both between levels of care and within the professions involved. In order for collaboration to work, it is important with routines, appropriate competence for the health problem that has been identified and positive attitudes towards collaboration. Aim: To describe experiences of interprofessionell collaboration both within and between different levels of care for adult people with diabetes. Method: A systematic literature review based on qualitative research was undertaken. A total of 220 articles were screened based on title, 35 articles were screened based on abstract. 16 articles were read in full text. Nine articles were included. The quality of all included articles were examined through a review template of SBU for qualitative methods. Result: The results showed two main themes and six subthemes. The importance of profession for collaboration which enlightened the importance of role definition, distribution of responsibilities and understanding and respect for each other. The other main theme was The importance of interaction for collaboration where communication, work relations and trust in each other’s competence were important factors. Conclusion: Interprofessional collaboration requires role clarification and mutual understanding and respect regarding each other’s professions and competence. The role of the diabetes nurse should function as a bridge between specialist care and primary care, and can contribute to a multidisciplinary approach. In order to work multidisciplinary and to facilitate communication within the team, healthcare professionals should have access to a common electronic medical record system.

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