Historical Maps : En interaktiv upplevelse av historia genom kartor

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Institutionen för informationssystem och –teknologi

Sammanfattning: This report deals with the development of the historical maps web application for a company that works to preserve the cultural heritage of old maps. The goal of the project has been to create a proof of concept for a web application that allows the user to view and interact with historical maps. As well as taking part in the history and facts behind the maps, areas and points of interest within the maps. Work on the application has begun with the foundational design, such as flowchart, mood board and design sketches for the application. Based on these, a proof of concept is developed in the form of an interactive web application written in React with additional libraries such as Materials UI for user interface and Leaflet for interactive map functions. For facts content, fetch calls are made to the Wikipedia API. Trade-offs have had to be made regarding implemented functionality in this first version of the web application, in order to represent how the interactiveness with the maps can work while also demonstrating potential future functionality. The finished application achieves the purpose of the assignment as proof of concept. Interactivity in the maps and connections between the maps are implemented, along with static elements that exists to represent future possibilities. Information and facts about areas of interest and points of interest are retrieved from Wikipedia through the API.

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