Bokstart och yrkesidentitet : En intervjustudie om barnbibliotekariers nya arbetsmetoder

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Sammanfattning: With a special focus on the early intervention project Bookstart, this bachelor’s thesis poses questions about the professional identity of children's librarians, and whether it changes when the work field is moved from the public sphere if libraries to the domestic sphere of people’s homes. From a socio-cultural perspective, it is also investigated how collaboration with external partners has worked, and how this may have influenced librians within the Bookstart project and their professional identity. Bookstart is aimed at the youngest children and their families, and is based on research on early literacy. The pilot project in Sweden has mainly used home visits as a method. The Bookstart project involves new working methods and forms of communication which may affect the professional identity of the participating librarians and the children's library services. Previous research shows that children's librarians possess abroad pedagogical competence, which is rarely expressed. The empirical data of the study reported in the thesis consists of interviews with five children librarians who have worked with bookstart. Anders Ørom's and Trine Schreiber's theories of professional identities are used as analytical tools for the undertaken qualitative content analysis. The thesis main conclusions are as follows: Bookstart has raised thoughts about the participating librarians’ professional identity, especially with a focus on working methods and the professional service to users. The change of environment meant are valuation of the library as a place and the connection of the professional identity to the room.

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