Återhämtande faktorer inom psykiatrisk heldygnsvård : En sammanställning av patienters upplevelser

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper

Författare: Anna Bohlin; Petra Evling; [2022]

Nyckelord: 关键词:康复,恢复因素,患者体验,精神科住院治疗,24 小时精神科治疗; recuperación; factores restaurativos; experiencias del paciente; hospitalización psiquiátrica; atención psiquiátrica las 24 horas.; Ключевые слова: выздоровление; восстановительные факторы; переживания пациента; психиатрическая стационарная помощь; круглосуточная психиатрическая помощь.; rétablissement; facteurs réparateurs; expériences des patients; soins psychiatriques aux patients hospitalisés; soins psychiatriques 24 heures sur 24; återhämtning; återhämtande faktorer; patienters upplevelser; psykiatrisk slutenvård; psykiatrisk heldygnsvård; الكلمات المفتاحية: الشفاء ، العوامل الإصلاحية ، تجارب المريض ، رعاية المرضى المنومين للأمراض النفسية ، رعاية نفسية على مدار 24 ساعة; recovery; restorative factors; patients experiences; psychiatric inpatient care; psychiatric round-the-clock care; Parole chiave: Recupero; fattori di recupero; esperienze dei pazienti; cure psichiatriche ospedaliere; cure psichiatriche 24 ore su 24; واژه‌های کلیدی: بهبود، عوامل بهبود، تجربیات بیماران، مراقبت‌های بستری روانپزشکی، مراقبت‌های روانپزشکی 24 ساعته; Schlüsselwörter: Genesung; Wiederherstellungsfaktoren; Patientenerfahrungen; stationäre psychiatrische Versorgung; psychiatrische 24-Stunden-Versorgung;

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Introduction: It is an assumption that as long as people have existed, there has been mental illness and disease, but the way of perceiving, explaining and caring looks different historically and in different societies. Research describes the current care environment and the quality of care in psychiatric inpatient care as meager and confusing, with a lack of meaningful activities. Recovery in a psychiatric context is about finding hope and meaning in life, regaining self-confidence and taking power over one's continued life. Problem formulation: As a specialist nurse, you must work for a good care environment and in a structured way with the nursing process. Therefore, it is important to increase knowledge about patients' experiences of factors that support the recovery process in psychiatric inpatient care. Aim: Is to compile current scientific knowledge about the factors that patients experience that support their recovery in patients in psychiatric inpatient care. Method: A literature study with a qualitative inductive approach, with a manifest and latent content analysis of 16 scientific original articles. Results: The results revealed three overarching categories: Patients need information and to be involved in their care; Patients need good treatment and holistic nursing and the psychiatric ward must be a safe place with the opportunity for meaningful activities. The overall theme is that patients need to be at the center of their care and feel safe and in control, for their recovery Conclusion: There are a number of factors that can support patients in psychiatric care in their recovery, which include both the physical and psychosocial care environment. This indicates that recovery is a complex phenomenon and there is a need to design a more recovery-oriented nursing, and research more in the subject. Keywords: recovery, restorative factors, patients' experiences, psychiatric inpatient care, psychiatric round-the-clock care

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