Utvärdering av featurebaserad modellering och direktmodellering

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Produktutveckling; Högskolan i Jönköping/JTH, Produktutveckling

Sammanfattning: The benefits of using feature-based CAD methodology and direct modelling are discussed inthe thesis. An experimental CAD study has been performed in which three different cases hasbeen modelled to get an overview of how direct modelling works in Solid Edge ST10 and to determine how the methodology could be integrated into product development. These two ways of modelling in Solid Edge are evaluated using previous research and data from thestudy to do a SWOT analysis and a Pugh matrix. Further on a comparison is made to find respective methodologies’ area of use.The experimental CAD study explores three cases in which each uses one type of product thatis investigated. The CAD models used as reference for the experiment are originally created using feature-based modelling, in the ordered module of Solid Edge. The intent is to recreate the models using direct modelling. The products of interest are created using different manufacturing processes which enables most tools in the Synchronous module to be put tothe test. Points of interests for the study is the workflow of direct modelling, to define the useand limits of Synchronous and investigate the synergy between the tools of the modules.It is concluded that direct modelling excels in certain area of operations where precision engineering can be ignored. When developing concepts for a new product, time could be savedby using the swift surface editing tool of direct modelling. When the CAD user does not need to rely on already set dimensions and is free to explore different shapes to create a 3D-model,direct modelling will come in handy due to its ability to model without taking history data into account. Direct modelling can also be used as a tool for creating redesigns of products containing complex feature trees. Cooperation between different CAD software could be strengthened using direct modelling where the need to redesign imported CAD files featuring “dead geometries” and empty history trees. These types of 3D-models, step, Parasolid’s etc can be easily modified using directmodelling in Solid Edge. Further research can be made to determine in which areas direct modeling can be applied and excel compared to the standard feature-based CAD methodology.

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