Religion i skolan : En studie av gymnasieelevers uppfattning om ämnet religionskunskap A

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


This essay aims to investigate how students in upper secondary school perceive the subject religion A. The study is both qualitative and quantitative and I will use a survey to investigate the perception of religion among students both vocationally oriented and theory oriented. I will use questions concerning religious background and perception on the subject in relation to the curriculum but also try to investigate whether there are differences on perception between the vocational and theory orientation. The theoretical approach is mainly based on the curriculum concerning religion A but former research is also used such as books written by Sven G Hartman (2000), Ulf Sjödin (1995), Ove Larsson (1991), Elsie Davidsson (1989) and Anders Törnwall (1988). The result in the study is that students for the most part perceive the subject religion A as something positive and the background has a connection to their present perception. Family, school and society play an important role when it comes to students’ perception regarding religion A, often through media which affects and contributesto a more secular attitude. Curriculum goals and objectives cohere fairly well with the students' perception on the subject and a majority of the asked students feel that education on religion contributes to a more open, tolerant and understanding society where peopleunderstand, accept and respect each other's similarities and differences in a better way.

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