Standardiserade arbetssätt : Barriäridentifiering och framläggning av riktlinjer för återimplementering av 5S

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Industriell teknik

Sammanfattning: The study has the intention to identify factors that prevent Organization X from succeeding with 5S as well as establish guidelines for reimplementation of the working method. Collected materials, through qualitative methods within phenomenological research framework, demonstrate that Organization X used to have good level of 5S in the organization. Maintaining this level has how ever been neglected during recent years. Current work in 5S is inadequate and several employees have requested structure and orderliness at the work place. Analyzation of differences between past and present work of 5S as well as analysing the difference between the employees’ expectations and Organization X promises of 5S in the organization and barriers affecting the accomplishment of 5S were identified. The identified barriers are: lack of top management commitment and requirement, lack of goals, vision and strategy, lack of education and training, inadequate leadership, resource shortages for improvement work, lack of follow-up and revision, unclear ownership responsibility and role allocation as well as lack of improvement process. A performed cultural analysis shows a rational organizational culture in Organization X which strives for stability and rapid short term changes. The organizational culture demonstrates a consonance with the current 5S-work, which may mean a resistance for change. An important activity to focus on in future reimplementation of 5S is to identify norms, values and incentive which have ability to affect drive forces to foster change. Organization X should focus on educating the top managers and the employees in 5S as well as initiating and follow up the implementation. The last implementation of 5S was successful. Based on the result of the previous implementation, Organization X could use previous strategy for reimplementation based on organizational experience. The chosen strategy for reimplementation of 5S should be adapted to Organization X words of value and business. Follow-ups and revisions as well as constructing an improvement process are important activities for 5S anchoring in the organization. The activities contribute to the cultural change 5S requires for successful reimplementation.

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