En utrikespolitisk analys av påverkningsfaktorer bakom Turkiets ändrade policy gentemot Syrien : Med fokus på  ledarskap, inrikes omstrukturering och extern chock.

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Författare: Mostafa Pawan; [2017]

Nyckelord: Turkey; Syria; Kurds; IS; PKK; FPA; Turkiet; Syrien; Kurder; IS; PKK; UPA;

Sammanfattning: Abstract  Master's essay by Pawan Mostafa Autumn term 2017. Supervisor: Magnus Lindh.     A foreign policy analysis of influencing factors explaining Turkey's changed policy towards Syria                                                       This study searching an analytical explanation of factors of influence that possibly will have supported the way Turkey's foreign policy has changed in Syria. The study covers a main question and three different theoretical questions.      Charles F. Hermann's model for foreign policy change is used to produce results. In this context, the current study argues that the Arab Spring has been an important part of the changes in the regional security structure and made these changes the most important determinant of Turkish foreign policy. It further examines the leadership of Turkish foreign policy, the restructuring within the country and external shock as factors that perceive and convey change and lead to results. In this regard, this study focuses primarily on the explanation of the source of change and the intermediate step of the above-mentioned factors of influence.      The empirical purpose of this study is to develop an analytical explanation of the change in Turkish foreign policy in the context of the Arab Spring 2011, specifically focusing on the period 2015 to the now. By applying the explanatory model for foreign policy change in a qualitative content analysis, the study aims at contributing to the empirical studies of foreign policy change. In addition to the empirical goals, this study also has theoretical motives. The theoretical purpose is to contribute to the studies of foreign policy change. Taking into consideration previous literature on foreign policy change is an important dimension that gives the study a functional alternative, partly based on Hermann's three-step model. In addition, the study aims at contributing to the scientific literature, as it combines foreign policy analysis (FPA) with a focus on the actor's devices and analysis of international relations (IR) with a focus on system or structure.

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