"Vi finns också på Facebook!" Synen på professionalitet i olika organisationers sociala arbete med unga på Facebook

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: ”We're also on Facebook!” Organizations, that work in the social field focusing on adolescents, view on professionalism on Facebook The aim of this paper was to examine the impact of the use of Facebook for organizations focusing on adolescents within the social work. More specifically was to find out what view the organizations representatives have on professionalism when using Facebook. Also how this affects their role as social workers and the relationship to the adolescents. We wanted to problematise and question as well as propose a constructive use of Facebook. The method that we used for this paper was a content analysis over the official information from six chosen organisations in their Facebook pages. We also did open thematic interviews with six different organizations in Sweden. The basis for our analysis is from the theories of social constructionism and professionalism. Under the analysis progress we divided the organizations in municipal and voluntary organizations because they differed in their use of Facebook. The difference is mainly due to an economic factor between the organizations, but also what kind of social work that the organization have. The differences shows partially from the content analysis, on the organsations’ Facebook pages. How they choose to portray themselves on Facebook and communicate with the adolescents. But also shows from our thematic interviews. We have assumed different topics in our analysis of the organisational representatives; ”Use of Facebook”, ”Role”, ” Creation of Identity” and ”Relationship”. We analyzed the empiricism based on these topics. The conclusion of the study is that non-profit organizations are different from the municipal. There are differences in their outlook on professionalism. This can be seen for example in their use of Facebook which in various ways also affects the adolescents that they work with.

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