Battle of the Produce

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Thesis Purpose: The purpose of our thesis is to explore different plausible scenarios concerning the future of the Swedish produce industry with regards to branding. Methodology: In order for us to answer the research question and fulfill its purpose, we have utilized a qualitative approach combined with of both an inductive and deductive theoretical approach. Our study is both explorative and speculative. Theoretical Perspective: The theoretical framework of our research is based upon Porters Five Forces and Competitive Advantage combined with Kapferers Brand Identity Prism and his ideas on Brand Innovation. Additionally, we have utilized the Game Theory. Empirical Data: In regards to our empirical data we have focused primary data collection and conducted an intensive set of interviews with some of the leading players within the Swedish and to some extent Danish produce industry. The Secondary data consists of two brief examples of big produce brands and data which functions to support and validate but also reflect upon our primary data. Conclusion: After having researched the Swedish produce industry and enlightened the current trends and uncertainties within the industry, we have come up with three possible future scenarios in the battle of the produce. Our third alternative, the Competitive Equilibrium finds its plausibility in the fact that it does not meddle with the current power structures. Instead it uses the existence of these power structures in order to expand the market potential rather then squabbling over the limited market shares. Additionally, we see a trend that consumers are focusing more and more on ecology and quality produce and we consequently believe that this third scenario most certainly is a possibility for the future of the produce industry.

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