Sociala medier och tonåringars och unga vuxnas psykiska ohälsa

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från

Författare: Lisa Alatalo; Noa Munther; [2019-08-01]

Nyckelord: Social media; depression; anxiety; eating disorder; youth;

Sammanfattning: Social media is a phenomenon that has been steadily growing since its inception.Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are widely used, especiallyamongst younger people. Previous research has shown that there might be aconnection between social media use and mental health issues such as eatingdisorders and depression. Thus the purpose of this study is to cast light on therelationship between social media use and mental illness amongst teenagers andyoung adults. To this end, a literature study using a systematic search acrossmultiple academic databases was conducted. Data was gathered from scientificarticles no more than five years old. The results of these articles were compiled andanalyzed in an attempt to find common themes among them. The results revealedthat there is a connection between social media use and depression or anxiety andsocial media use and eating disorders. The way one uses social media has a largeimpact on its effect on one's mental health. One study also concluded that there is nocorrelation between social media use and mental health. Our conclusions from this isthat social media on its own has very little effect on mental health. However, socialmedia as a medium through which you can experience feelings of envy, or whereyou can compare yourself negatively to others does have a negative effect on themental health of young adults and adolescents. This can have clinical implicationswhere nurses working with mental health can help patients identify which parts oftheir social media use is unhealthy.

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