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Sammanfattning: Background: In psychiatric care, nurses will most likely come across and care for patients placed under involuntary treatment orders (ITO). These patients have the right to information and participation regulated by for example the Patient Act and the Health Care Act. Negative experience of compulsory care and coercive measures can be traumatizing for both the patient and caregiver. Aim: to map out patients' experiences of forced care (ITO) within psychiatric inpatient care. Method: Literature review which was founded in eight original articles. Results: Three themes were identified: 1: Experiences of forced care (ITO), 2: Loss of control, 3: The importance of the relationship. Firstly, the experiences of forced care varied. Some of them experienced the compulsory care and coercive measures as necessary, because they didn't understand how sick they were at the time. On the other hand, some experienced that compulsory care and coercive measures were unnecessary and violated their integrity. Secondly, loss of control includes the feeling of having one's integrity violated. Not getting information and having one's anatomy restricted resulted in a feeling of powerlessness. Thirdly, the importance of the relationship between patient and caregiver. A good relationship was defined by the feeling of being cared for and an inferior relationship was defined by the feeling of being ignored and seen as a disease, not a human. Ethical: Every article included, discussed ethical considerations. Seven out of eight articles were approved by an ethics committee. Conclusions: Nurses has a central role in the patients experience of being under an ITO. The experiences for patients can be positive and/or negative. This literature review can help nurses better understand the patient's perspective, and therefore provide better care for patients placed under an ITO.

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